Vitrum DUAL 001

Mosaic glass

Element size: 23/48x23x5mm
Size of the patch: 298x298mm

The mirror products of the VITRUM series are a perfect element for the finish of eccentric and ultramodern interiors. The VITRUM are available in the form of mosaic and tiles in 100x100 mm and 300x100 mm sizes. Recommended to lovers of originality, beauty and elegance.

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The DUNIN company is engaged in the production and designing of decorative and finish materials. The team of young design engineers create and make modern collections marking out trends on the market. We are characterised by a daring design and a rich colour of the offered collections.

The current offer includes both mosaics and tiles and decorative panels as well. They reflect the combination of tradition and design. The unique patterns are recommended to lovers of original solutions who appreciate beauty and elegance. Our products are appreciated and well-known. Their rich offer, the full gamut of colours are stand out above both the Polish and European market. We can be found in the best show-rooms with outfit and interior decoration.

We create patterns which encourage to courageous and eccentric arrangements giving the opportunity to realise one’s own plans.



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